A lot of people think that text marketing serves no purpose for industries. That they are just a waste of marketing money and resources. On the contrary, text marketing and SMS messaging can be help of to lots of industries, not just with their marketing efforts.


Here are some of the industries that reap the benefits of SMS messaging:


  • Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations needed followers to support their cause and they need volunteers for their volunteer works. Although these organizations uses other channels like social media, they need to boost their information drive by including a marketing technique that can reach millions of people in just a click, hence, bulk SMS messaging.


With SMS messaging, they will be able to reach out to individuals who are not in their social media pages. It can also use these to invite more individuals to support their group.


  • Small business owners

Traditional marketing channels can be a little costly for some startup entrepreneurs. Instead of spending their allocated marketing budget on a costly marketing venture, a low-cost, high-reach channel would be a better alternative. SMS messaging can help spread the word to the target audience at a fraction of a cost.


Moreover, companies that providers bulk SMS marketing in UAE also include tracking and monitoring of SMS campaign to measure the effectiveness of the SMS campaign.


  • Marketing companies

For marketing companies and professionals, SMS messaging can be an added value to their services which they can integrate with their other marketing services and packages. SMS messaging are usually used to boost other marketing channels and serve as one of the channels used for loop marketing.


  • Healthcare professionals

Imagine running a medical facility wherein you need to inform a number of patients and staff about an announcement. Supposed that you can do it by having the department heads do the messaging, but still, it will be a lot of work. To cut the time of informing all people about a certain announcement, you can use bulk SMS or messaging to convey the message in one click.


There are companies that offers sms marketing in dubai that accommodates this type of industry.


  • Airline industry

Delay in flights are common in the airline industry, but it will not stop customers and patrons from complaining that they are not informed about a delayed or cancelled flight. Lessen the complaints and the negative feedback by keeping your loyal passengers in the know prior to their arrival at the airport. It would be best to use an SMS messaging platform that can help send massive announcements to hundreds of passengers.


  • Cinemas

Movies lovers and cinema-goers always like to know the latest films in cinemas so they can book their movie tickets even before the tickets will get sold out. The best way to inform a massive group of movie enthusiasts is through SMS messaging.

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