There is always that moment when new regulations bring new propositions and new dilemmas. The change from old habits to the new ones in not always smooth and easily accepted. But, habits are just habits and they can be changed. The new federal traffic law in UAE mandates use of child seat for kids up to the age of 4 from the 1st July and this new regulation posed some questions and doubts. For example how will parents with more than one kid manage implementation of this law. Or weather taxis and limos are also obliged to have child seats. And also for parents the question – how to choose an adequate child seat.


We all know that kids are sometimes hard in accepting something new – especially when it comes to sitting still and being strapped in. Most of parents’ experiences in using child seat show that kids easily get restless, which makes parents obliged to unbuckle them for some time or pull over and give them some attention. But for the reasons of security and safety efforts should be made to somehow entertain them and make them adjust to the use of a seat. The tricks parents use include candies and kids’ favorite sweets.


Of course, the regulation resulted in an instant increase in child seat sales all over UAE. Shop assistants were trained to show customers how to properly fix their kids in seats and give advice about proper installation which is very important for the full safety. Choosing the right car seat should be well thought. Carry-on car seats that parents can take out when they leave the car or seats with possibilities to adjust sleeping postures are best suitable for babies. There are convertible models, forward-facing, high back booster with or without harness for kids of different age. When it is carefully chosen and appropriately used, it should provide full safety.


The new laws also forbids kids under the age of 10 to sit in the front seat and obliges all passengers in the car to fasten their seat belts. Significant fees are foreseen for violation of the law. Moreover, all taxis and limos have to make car seats available to their customers. Taxi drivers should warn passengers to use car seats for kids under the age of 4 before starting the journey, as drivers are regarded responsible for using seat belts and car seats by the new law.