After you are done celebrating your acceptance letter, it’s time to move ahead to the next step and follow our comprehensive checklist of things you will need to do and purchase to ensure a hitch-free move. There’s a lot that will take up your summer preceding the move and the task may seem daunting at first. Knowing exactly what you need to do beforehand can help you manage effortlessly and make the transition smoother.

Arrange your accommodation

Most first-year students prefer to stay in halls as it’s easier this way to meet new people and the accommodation is protected by the university, although off-campus university accommodation and privately-rented housing are more popular options with postgraduate students. A wide array of accommodation is offered by universities to cater to the diverse needs of students, including a mixture of mixed/single gender, quiet/sociable, and self-catered/catered halls. It’s indispensable to begin accessing your preferences as accommodations are available on a first come first serve basis. Visit website to learn more about University accommodations.

Sort out Your Finances

It’s crucial to set up a student bank account as soon as possible. While a plethora of banks offer lucrative incentives to students, for instance 16-25 railcards or NUS Extra, you should look for a bank that offers the most viable overdraft facilities. If you have opted for any government-funded student financing schemes, you need to contact the Student Finance before starting university.

Decide what to take

Since you’ll be leaving the nest and moving away for the first time, it’s vital to stock up on the living paraphernalia that you will need to feel at home. First off, do your research and find out what is already available at your accommodation to prevent yourself from making unnecessary purchases. In addition, check how much space is available to you to avoid over packing. With so many important things to consider, it is easy to overlook the little things, so make sure you have a checklist of all uni essentials that you are going to need and take with you.

Get to know the area

Once you have moved into your accommodation, leverage the time you get before university starts to get to know the area, and unearth the nearest GP surgery, local shops and cafes, and train station, in addition to lecture buildings, students’ union, and your campus library. Even better, arrange these sojourns with your housemates since they will need to get to know these places as well, and it will provide a great bonding opportunity.

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