Having a storage unit can be of use in case you need to store excess furniture from the house or serve as temporary storage for your business.


And since it is housing some important valuables, it is a must that the storage facility that you will pick will meet the criteria and standards set by the clients. To have a better idea of what these criteria are, read on and check if your provider meets the standard.


  • Availability of the space

In terms of storage facility, the availability of the space or unit refers to the number of units in the facility. If your prospective storage company in Dubai offers a number of units and rooms to clients, then it is a good sign. This would mean that they would never run out of units to offer to their clients.

There are instances that you might need to rent a space urgently. If the storage facility you usually go to is fully booked, it would be best to have a number of other storage facilities that you can contact in case of emergencies.


  • Dimension of the storage unit

Providers of storage space in Dubai has a standard storage unit that they offer to clients, but it would be best of they have an array of storage units that comes in different sizes and dimensions. You would never know when you will be needing a bigger than usual space to store your things.


  • Condition of the storage unit

Cleanliness is a cardinal rule, even in storage facilities. Why? Because it is where you will be storing and keeping some of your valuables. The condition of the storage unit will affect the things that are stored to it. So before you book or rent a unit, make a thorough inspection on the space. Be sure it is spotless and tidy. You might to check the technical condition of the unit as well, like if the temperature is controlled and not direct sunlight will go through the space. A controlled environment can help preserve the integrity of your valuables inside.


Storage unit providers also encourages clients to keep the units clean at all times, up until they pull out their things in their storage units. Storage facilities do not provide cleaning services to their clients as it might compromise the security of the unit renter. The clients will be responsible for the condition of the unit and the things stored inside.



  • High level security

Security of items is the top selling point of storage facilities and this is what clients need to check before renting one. Be sure that facility is well-guarded and monitored by the facility personnel at all times. There should be security cameras installed in strategic areas to see the people coming in and out of the place. You might also want to check their security guidelines.

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