Baby shower gifts can help new parents to ease their parenthood journey. These items can assist them on taking care of their new bundle of joy and also provide much needed comfort. So it is a must that you give the best baby shower gift to support these new parents.


Here are some of the options.


  • Booties


One of the cutest thing that you can give are baby booties. These beautifully handcrafted shoes can go with cute baby outfits. When shopping for baby girl shoes online Dubai stores, be sure to check, not only the design but the quality as well. Although baby booties will not be worn that often, moms can still use these pairs for their next babies. And when you are giving booties, give several pairs in different designs and colors.


  • Gifts for nursing moms


Babies are not the only ones who need special care as well. Nursing moms needs to have the basic essentials to help them on their nursing and feeding needs. You can buy a whole set of nursing items for moms. The gift set would include prenatal vitamins, nursing pillows and covers, nursing pads, breast milk storage, lactation cookies, so on and so forth. You can ask the new mom what essentials she needs so you can avoid buying the same items she already has.


  • Sleeping essentials


Sleep is essential for new moms and new born babies but this is hard to come by. To help them a good night sleep, give both a sleeping essential care package that can help them to ease their way to a good night sleep. For babies, a wearable blanket and a plush toy to help them sleep better. If you are feeling generous, you give the new mom a plush crib that has soothing crib accessories to ensure the baby’s good night sleep.


For new mothers who lack sleep, you can give these hard working moms comfortable sleepwear and essential oils to calm their nerves and help them sleep better. You can check baby gifts UAE online store for sleeping essential gift packages.


  • Carriers and car seats


Moms and babies need to go out once in a while so they need to have a trusted baby carrier that would make going out and strolling comfortable for moms and little ones. If you are giving a carrier to new moms, be sure that the carrier is age-appropriate. There are baby carriers specified for specific months and age. Check the quality as well. The strap should be sturdy enough to support the baby’s weight but also comfortable as not to cause strain on the new mom’s shoulders. The material should also be hypoallergenic as the newborn’s skin is still sensitive.


For car seats, you need to check the type of car that the mom used and the quality of the car seat. It should have seal of approval from esteemed safety organizations as well.

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