Your wedding in a once-in-lifetime occasion that should be remembered and immortalized, and one way to that is to have it documented the way you want it to be. Which is why the role of a wedding photographer in Abu Dhabi is essential in this type of event – they will be the ones responsible for ensuring that your best moments are beautifully captured.

Given its significance, couples need to be very critical in choosing the photo studio that will handle such job and asking the right questions is one of determining who would do you a great service of documenting this special life event. If you are currently narrowing down your choices, here are some important questions that might help you lead to the right photographer:

  • Is he or his team available for your wedding?

The first thing that you need to know is whether your prospective photographer is available on your big day. There is no point talking to one if he is already booked for that day. On the initial checking if you wedding date is available for booking. If yes, then you can proceed with asking other questions like who will be the ones who will handle your event and if they willing to do the shoot on the specified location. If you are dealing with a big photo studio, it is likely that they will be assigning someone from their team of photographers to handle your event. Be sure to include the assigned photographer on the conversation at all times.


  • How long has he been in the industry?

Wealth of experience is one of the things that most clients look for in a service provide, including photographers. Years of experience would speak of their reputation in the industry. But apart from the years, the photographers should be able to update himself on the latest styles that modern brides and grooms would like to see on their photos.


  • What is his style?

Each photographer has their signature style, in terms of photography. Before entering any agreement with a photography studio, be sure that his style match you and your partner’s preference. But also, he should be flexible enough to employ the style that his client wants.


  • What are the inclusions of his packages?

Photo studios priced their package differently, based on the package inclusions. If you are working on a budget, give you photographer a figure and ask him which of his packages would fit your budget. If the budget is not a problem, let them customize a budget that would include the photography services that you want.

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