Rest day is the day most employed individuals look forward to. It is the day where they can do whatever they want, without worrying about work. But at times, these individuals have no idea what to do during their rest days. They spend their days in their beds, sleeping all today.

But there are better ways to spend your rest days. If you are running out of ideas, here are some things that might interest you:

  1. Clean out your room


When you are running a busy schedule, cleaning out your room will be the last thing that you might want to do. But during your rest days, you might want to consider doing some little cleaning and organizing. A clean and spotless room will help you achieve a complete sleep, which you need, especially during the stressful workdays. Try to sweep and tidy your space and allot some time for organization of your stuff.


  1. Eat outside with friend


Most employees at the cafeteria with their officemates or in front of their computers. The limited lunch break hours prevents employees to take longer lunch. But try to compensate during your rest days. Why don’t you invite a friend to eat outside and visit a new restaurant to taste a new dish? You can also go for a gastronomic treat to satisfy your cravings and your taste buds. Doing this more often will help you discover new dining spaces in town.


  1. Have a night out

When you spend your rest days in bed for most of the time, you will miss attending exciting events like ladies night in Dubai during Thursday nights. Do something different for a change and try to go out with your friend and go bar hopping. Dance your worries away and try to forget the stress and problems that transpired during your work week.

  1. Catch up on your favorite TV shows

If you don’t feel like visiting the luxury nightclubs in Dubai, you can choose to stay home and enjoy your alone time catching up on TV shows and movies that you’ve missed. Be sure to bring in some of your favorite snacks to munch while you are tearing up on a soapy movie.

  1. Host an intimate party


If you don’t want to spend your time alone but you don’t want to go out, you can host an intimate party at your house. You can invite close friend over and enjoy the rest of the day catching up.


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