Dubai is known to be the country that is importing most of its goods available in the supermarkets. On the one side, it is important for many expats living there to have the choice of international brand available. So shops, malls and online sales will provide almost anything you would desire from your home countries. As this part of the market is already saturated, there are small or medium business initiatives that are investing in different ideas. It is not so easy to find them out, but once you do you will definitely fall in love.


One of our favorite discovered local brands is Farmbox. Although it is importing fruits and vegetables from selected organic family farms in Europe, their approach is direct and local. It represents an increasing trend in all big cities around the world. If you don’t like to buy fruits and vegetables in the super market and you don’t have enough time to go to the green market, as they usually have special opening hours, you are just one of the many facing the similar problem. That is why weekly delivery of seasonal farm goods has become established practice among young generations. The point is that you eat healthy food, directly from the producer and usually limited to the season.


Farmbox is a Dubai-based company offering the some of the freshest organic fruits and vegetables in the market today. You can fully customize you order by choosing your delivery day, time and frequency and you can cancel your subscription anytime.


Farmer’s Mix Box, Mum’s Veggie Box, Garden’s Fruity Box, which allow you to choose weather you prefer vegetables or fruits or the mixture of both. You can choose your order online and choose the fruits and vegetables origin. The best thing about this kind of delivery services is that contents of the box changes weekly which brings diversity into your orders, but it doesn’t come fully as a surprise as you can check every week’s box content online. An ordinary mix box in July will contain basil leaves, apples, kiwi, bananas, mango, beetroot, oranges, cherry tomatoes, carrots, mint leaves, cucumber, eggplant and new red potato. In May, the same product will contain: thyme, red grapes, pomegranate, mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, zucchini and shallots. The offered lists are not definitive and some items can be replaced. With such flexibility and adaptability to your needs, Farmbox is one of adorable small brands whose products and services are available in Dubai.

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