Back in the days, printing companies are just known for basic printing services like tarpaulin printing and T-shirt designing and printing. But most printing companies already expanded their services to be able to serve more customers, and of course, increase their sales.


Here are some of the newest offerings and services of printing companies that you can take advantage of.


  • Logo designing


Branding starts with a unique and stand out logo. As company, you need to have one for your business to enhance your branding performance. If you don’t have the design chops to create your own, there are printing companies in Abu Dhabi that offer logo and branding services to clients. However, you need to work closely with the printing company to ensure that they will create a one-of-a-kind logo for your company. Brief them about your company and what exactly your business is. You can also make suggestions on the colors. Have them submit several studies for you to choose from.


  • Marketing collaterals


Marketing collaterals are broad and varies depending on what you need. This can range from packaging designs and creation, brochures and flyers, calling cards, etc. Big printing companies accepts these kinds of projects, especially from big companies and enterprises. This is usually comes in bulk orders.  They accept designing and printing and manufacturing of these marketing collaterals.


  • Signage and banners printing


Signage and banners are usual orders that printing companies get from businesses. The difference would lie on the design and the materials being used. You go from the usual cloth signage printing to LED. Modern signage companies in Dubai offers state-of-the-art signage and banners to companies to produce great impact amongst passersby and target audience.


  • Giveaways and promotional gift items


Promotional giveaways are important part of marketing strategies as it can help on promoting the company’s services and produce to those who will take home these items. Freebies are often related to what the company offers. However, changes in the marketing landscape require companies to upgrade their promotional items to attract attention and become top-of-mind and company choice for those who will get these items. Printing companies are also updating their selections and designs in terms of giveaways.


  • Web Design


Yes, you read it right. Printing companies today already venture to digital to capture more audience and customers. These companies offer outstanding web design and also develops them for the customer’s convenience. Depending on the capabilities of the designer and developer, they can create a simple landing page to more intricate customized website.

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