Billboard advertising not only helps to build brand image, it is one of the most viable ways of manifesting traditional advertising. Despite the proliferation of online marketing tools and social media, combining these with other methods yields great results when it comes to creating consumer awareness. However, there are pros and cons associated with this option:

Advantages of Billboard Advertising


According to fence hoarding companies in Dubai, is indispensable to place advertising billboards strategically along highways and major thoroughfares, so that they have higher chances of being discovered by consumers at all times of the day. This advertising medium has the propensity to attract the maximum numbers of drivers and commuters on the road, especially the target audience. Since most people frequent the same routes day after day, seeing a billboard repeatedly helps consumers recall the advertisement.

Access to Targeted Audience

Since companies and advertisers decide where they want to place their billboards, this advertising medium makes it much easier for companies to reach a specific consumer group that they aspire to sell their products and services.

Audience Conversion

Unique design and strategic location of hoardings play a vital role in converting an audience into prospective consumers and making sales. If a person driving by notices the advertisement on the billboard and decides to purchase the advertised product, it is much easier for them to go up to the nearest establishment that offers that item or service. Visit website to know more about hoarding installations.

Disadvantages of Billboard Advertising


Perhaps the biggest drawback of this advertising medium is that a company needs to keep investing in a billboard from the time it is set up till it is taken down. Not only do companies have to sign contracts with the space owner, other expenditures include repairs and maintenance. Not to mention, companies incur hefty overhead costs2w if the structure is destroyed by hurricanes or any other natural disaster. Not to mention, the owner might have to face additional expenses and legal issues in events of injuries related to the damaged billboard or destruction to property.

Cause Of Distraction
Another reason some people are hesitant to install billboards is that this advertising medium can cause disruptions in road traffic. Since billboards exist to catch the eyes of the most consumers, they often have celebrities as endorsers and are big in size. As a result, people who are driving by are susceptible to traffic accidents.

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