Elegance is what we always aim on our residential or commercial space. With a sophisticated look, you can enthrall clients and customers and also be confident to invite guests over.

But the misconception that you have to spend big to make your space look elegant and sophisticated. Companies that provide luxury interior design in Dubai offer some simple tips to bring out the elegance in your space:

  • Go for simple minimalist design

Simplicity is a design concept that will never go out of style, even with commercial spaces. Flare might attract attention, but a sophisticated design can burn your memory, in a good way. So opt for simple, minimalistic and modern designs for your business space. If you still want to add some flare on your business space, consult with a company that provide excellent commercial interior design in Dubai so they can marry the flare with the sophistication.


  • Colors do matter

Colors always play an important role on how the design will look like. In terms of a sophisticated design, the use of color should be more restrained as to not empower the whole design. The tip here is to choose the colors wisely. It would be best if you can play with the colors associated with your brand so you can have a trademark related to your company. If you want to incorporate another color, do it subtlety.  The use of deep tones and cool colors is also advisable so the space will look refreshing and pleasant to the eyes.


  • Mind the texture

The texture can add much needed character to a space, especially if you have to limit your design color palette. Texture can be incorporated on the design in various ways. It can be through the flooring, the walls or through the accents and furnishing. Learn to play with the textures and the patterns. Be sure it complements well with the design scheme you have in mind.


  • Be picky about your furnishings

Your furnishing can make or break your design, so be picky with the furniture that you will put in the space. Before buying any, check with your interior designer. He will probably give you some ideas on the furniture, but it is you have to decide which one you will buy. Check the quality and the made of the furniture. Aside from providing curb appeal to the space, it should first and foremost provide comfort to those who will use it.

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