In a world brimming over with a multitude of brands, all clamoring over each other in an attempt to be different, you should seriously consider hiring a successful brand activation company to help you shatter the glass ceiling and come out successful over your competitors. Several moving parts factor into the equation when it comes to bringing brands to life. Until a brand and its chosen agency click together like peanut butter and jelly, you cannot expect to see fireworks in brand activation. While there are a plethora of brand activation companies in Dubai, if you are in the throes of selecting a viable brand activation company, you have to ask the right questions to separate out the crème de la crème of the industry. Here’s what you should be asking your potential brand activation agency:

Who Are You?

It’s always a great idea to conduct initial research on your agency of choice. Case studies, newsletters, website, content, and social media are all credible sources of information, letting you glean a sneak-peak into the workings of the company. However, consider it no more than a first date and remember that first impression isn’t the last. Until you ask the right questions, you cannot hope to know the in-s and outs of the company. Ask questions like, “how did you start out?” or “where are you based?” or “can you provide some insights into what drives your agency?” or “what are your business goals?” In addition, ask the agency to prove to you that they are abreast of the audience and media trends and are forward thinking.

Does Your Company Culture Match Our Brand Culture?

Consider your experiential agency as an extension of your brand. Scrutinize your agency’s level of communication, transparency, creativity, and professionalism, and check if those levels fit in with yours.  Things as seemingly insignificant as dress code at the workspace implies if your agency is a good fit for your brand culture.

Which Tasks Do You Outsource and Which Do You Keep In-house?

You should always be aware of who is doing your work for you. You should ask your potential company if they have a quality control process in place to deal with in sourced and out-sourced partners.

How Do You Help Your Clients Manage Budgets And Problems?

When you fall head over heels in love with a brand activation idea, it is common for budgeting to take a back seat. Until your agency of choice respects your budget, the partnership will come at a standstill. Documenting all costs and coming up with cost effective solutions is a skill that your potential company should possess. See more information on the attributes that your company of choice should possess.

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