Every home owners wants to have that touch of glamour on their living space. However, with all the elements and design ideas that comes to mind, it is hard to filter which of these ideas can bring the sophisticated vibe to their space.

If you are planning on revamping and giving your space a glamorous facelift, these tips from luxury interior design company Dubai professionals would turn your blah space to a stylish haven.


  • Tell a glamorous story

To start with, you need to think of a story that would encapsulate the theme of your design. The story should not only focus on the luxury, but also speaks of your personal taste. Imagine yourself as a brand. What would be the design that would speak of your branding and personality? You need to take some time to figure this out as this would be the basis of the whole design. Sit down with an interior designer, present some references and tell them what you want to see on a space that would reflect your personal touch.


  • Get crucial with the light

In a modern and sophisticated design, the lighting serves a dual purpose – bring light to the space and as a design piece itself. So, it is crucial that you will find a lighting fixture that would marry both purpose. You can ask your interior designer what would be the best lighting fixture that would serve both purpose. You can have him to scour the shops to look for the perfect fit or have them custom-made to complement the design.


  • Be picky with the furnishing

Since you are aiming for a luxurious vibe, you need to be picky on your furniture. Do not just go and buy something that you think would fit on the space. The look and design of the furnishings in quite important on this aspect. You need to take time on choosing the right furniture for the space or have them made to serve the design. But do not forget the comfort level that it should provide to the people living in the space.


  • Keep the consistency

Consistency is the key for a great design. Be sure that no matter how many the key pieces are, it should be connected to the story that you try to tell to the people who will enter on your space. Do not put pieces on a whim. It might ruin the design and also it might be unnecessary eye sore on the space.


  • Keep everything simple

Simplicity is always a major aspect on the design. No need to b flashy to make a space look modern and sophisticated. In fact, a few important pieces can help make your space look luxurious.

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